Thursday, August 11, 2011



If you thrill to the sights and sounds of risk-taking modern dance that makes your heart thump in your chest; if you adore the varied music of the 1970s; if you’re crazy about The Beatles and Andy Warhol, disco, early rap or punk … then you CANNOT MISS one of the final two performances of the Rev9 Dance Company at the Sharadin Bigler Theatre.

Kristin Pontz and Heather Bare, the directors of Rev9, who also teach at the Susquehanna Dance Center, have created an exciting evening of dance – along with the other choreographers, Jameson Kilburn, Daniel McGee, Mike Nguyen, Kyle Schwandt and Cody Smith.

The year 1977 was a wild one in New York City. Disco was king, but punk and rap were also bubbling up in the streets and in the clubs. The .44-caliber killer (“Son of Sam”) was on the prowl and Studio 54 was the place to be seen. Those are the cultural guideposts for Rev9’s new production, “ ’77,” of which you’ll see a part during this show at EPAC.

Rev9 is also showcasing parts of two of its previous shows – the Warhol-themed “Factory” and the “White Album”-based “Revolution 9.”

You have two chances left to see the show – tonight and tomorrow night (Thursday and Friday, Aug. 11 and 12) at 8 p.m.

The soundtrack for the evening ranges from the Beatles’ “White Album,” to the music of David Bowie, Iggy Pop, the Talking Heads, Blondie and the Sex Pistols.

The dances in the two-act show are, by turns, seductive and joyous, aggressive and sly, athletic and graceful – and sometimes all of those things rolled into one. Gorgeous young men and women are climbing on chairs and platforms, hanging from silks, leaping, gyrating, break-dancing, clinging to one another and tossing each other around.

One moment, you’ll be watching a gorgeous pas de duex. Then, suddenly, the stage will be filled with undulating forms, capturing the spirit of the intense beats of the 1970s. The costumes, sets and video pieces are wonderful enhancements.

I saw the show on Sunday afternoon, and was, quite simply, blown away by the whole thing. I can’t count the number of times I said, “WOW!”

Tickets are $15. Do not miss this show!

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-- Merv Wright